Carmeseal-MD™, the first disease-modifying agent for skeletal limb muscle, diaphragm and heart

Carmeseal-MD™ protects skeletal limb muscle, the third major target muscle of therapeutic relevance in Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD)

Carmeseal-MD™, the first disease-modifying agent with the potential to protect all three dystrophic target muscles: skeletal limb muscle as well as diaphragm and heart

ANN ARBOR, MI – 12 November 2015 – Phrixus Pharmaceuticals welcomes the results from a preclinical study that examines the effects of Carmeseal-MD (P-188 NF) in the mdx mouse, a leading preclinical model of DMD. This study, “Membrane-stabilizing copolymers confer marked protection to dystrophic skeletal muscle in vivo,” demonstrates for the first time a strong protective effect of Carmeseal-MD on dystrophic skeletal limb muscle. Beneficial effects are show to be critically dependent on the route of delivery and are seen only after subcutaneous, but not intravenous or intraperitoneal administration. Previously, Carmeseal-MD had been shown to improve the performance of dystrophic heart and diaphragm damaged by the lack of dystrophin, a key structural membrane protein. Carmeseal-MD, a membrane stabilizer, is now the first disease modifying agent that has the potential to treat the three major aspects of DMD in all patients regardless of mutation: loss of ambulation and limb muscle strength as well as respiratory dysfunction and heart disease, the last two being the leading causes of death in these patients.

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