Phrixus Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Phrixus Pharmaceuticals is developing Carmeseal™ (Poloxamer 188 NF or P-188 NF) for
Duchenne muscular dystrophy and acute decompensated heart failure.

In multiple preclinical models, Carmeseal-MD, also known as Poloxamer-188 NF or P-188 NF, has been shown to seal the tears that characterize cellular membranes in Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Sealing of these tears leads to improved performance and prolonged survival of these cells, which translates into improved function of the heart, the diaphragm and skeletal limb muscle.


Carmeseal-MD is under development as a once-a-day subcutaneous injection with initial focus on the treatment of cardiac and respiratory deficits and upper body strength in non-ambulatory boys and young men with DMD.

Video and photos provided courtesy Coalition Duchenne